CIS Benchmark for:

Secscan is a tool dedicated administrators - from corporate to private level, and all others interesting in their Linux/Unix operating system security.
Based on the newest CIS Benchmark releases, it provides 250+ tips&tricks for OS hardening. Currently it is suited for two most common Liux releases - Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and CentOS 7.

Secscan web interfce is build on Zabbix - open source network monitoring tool, with enterprise-like capabilities. Thanks to that you can easily implement it in existing Zabbix solution and integrate it with other monitoring features.
What is important, is that Secscan is not only able to efficiently scan your host in seek of configuration mismatch with CIS requirement - it also informs you about what have you just resolved.

It is not just like other solutions - i.e. Bastille Linux. It does not clear out your current configuration, it only advises you of possibilities to improve configuration. Furthermore, you have reference to each CIS guidance, with more explanation not only what is wrong, but also why it is important and what issues you might notice after changing.

Below you will find all references to technologies and documents that were base to create this tool.

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