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 +====== 1.8 Ensure updates, patches, and additional security software are installed (Not Scored) =====   
 +Level 1 - Server  
 +Level 1 - Workstation 
 +Periodically patches are released for included software either due to security flaws or to include additional functionality. 
 +Newer patches may contain security enhancements that would not be available through the latest full update. As a result, it is recommended that the latest software patches be used to take advantage of the latest functionality. As with any software installation,​ organizations need to determine if a given update meets their requirements and verify the compatibility and supportability of any additional software against the update revision that is selected. 
 +Run the following command and verify there are no updates or patches to install: 
 +# yum check-update 
 +Use your package manager to update all packages on the system according to site policy. The following command will install all available updates: 
 +# yum update 
 +Site policy may mandate a testing period before install onto production systems for available updates.