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 +======2.2.5 Ensure DHCP Server is not enabled (Scored)======
 +=====Profile Applicability=====  ​
 +Level 1 - Server
 +Level 1 - Workstation ​
 +The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service that allows machines to be dynamically assigned IP addresses.
 +Unless a system is specifically set up to act as a DHCP server, it is recommended that this service be deleted to reduce the potential attack surface.
 +=====Audit===== ​
 +Run the following commands to verify ''​dhcpd''​ is not enabled:
 +# systemctl is-enabled dhcpd 
 +disabled ​
 +Verify result is not "​enabled"​.
 +=====Remediation===== ​
 +Run the following command to disable ''​dhcpd'':​
 +# systemctl disable dhcpd
 +More detailed documentation on DHCP is available at http://​www.isc.org/​software/​dhcp.