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 +====== 4.1.16 Ensure system administrator actions (sudolog) are collected (Scored) ====== 
 +=====Profile Applicability===== ​  
 +Level 2 - Server  
 +Level 2 - Workstation 
 +Monitor the ''​sudo''​ log file. If the system has been properly configured to disable the use of the ''​su''​ command and force all administrators to have to log in first and then use ''​sudo''​ to execute privileged commands, then all administrator commands will be logged to ''/​var/​log/​sudo.log''​. Any time a command is executed, an audit event will be triggered as the ''/​var/​log/​sudo.log''​ file will be opened for write and the executed administration command will be written to the log. 
 +Changes in ''/​var/​log/​sudo.log''​ indicate that an administrator has executed a command or the log file itself has been tampered with. Administrators will want to correlate the events written to the audit trail with the records written to ''/​var/​log/​sudo.log''​ to verify if unauthorized commands have been executed. 
 +Run the following command and verify output matches: 
 +# grep actions /​etc/​audit/​audit.rules  
 +-w /​var/​log/​sudo.log -p wa -k actions 
 +Add the following lines to the ''/​etc/​audit/​audit.rules''​ file: 
 +-w /​var/​log/​sudo.log -p wa -k actions 
 +The system must be configured with ''​su''​ disabled (See Item 5.6 Ensure access to the su command is restricted) to force all command execution through ''​sudo''​. This will not be effective on the console, as administrators can log in as root.