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 +======4.1.3 Ensure auditing for processes that start prior to auditd is enabled (Scored)======
 +=====Profile Applicability=====  ​
 +Level 2 - Server
 +Level 2 - Workstation ​
 +Configure ''​grub''​ so that processes that are capable of being audited can be audited even if they start up prior to ''​auditd''​ startup.
 +Audit events need to be captured on processes that start up prior to ''​auditd'',​ so that potential malicious activity cannot go undetected.
 +=====Audit===== ​
 +Run the following command and verify that each linux line has the ''​audit=1''​ parameter set:
 +# grep "​^\s*linux"​ /​boot/​grub2/​grub.cfg
 +=====Remediation===== ​
 +Edit ''/​etc/​default/​grub''​ and add audit=1 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX:​
 +Run the following command to update the ''​grub2''​ configuration:​
 +# grub2-mkconfig > /​boot/​grub2/​grub.cfg
 +This recommendation is designed around the grub bootloader, if LILO or another bootloader is in use in your environment enact equivalent settings.