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====== 1.1.3 Ensure nodev option set on /tmp partition (Scored) ====== **Profile Applicability:** \\ <note>Level 1 - Server \\ Level 1 - Workstation</note> **Description:** \\ The ''nodev'' mount option specifies that the filesystem cannot contain special devices. \\ \\ **Rationale:** \\ Since the ''/tmp'' filesystem is not intended to support devices, set this option to ensure that users cannot attempt to create block or character special devices in ''/tmp''. \\ \\ **Audit:** \\ If a ''/tmp'' partition exists run the following command and verify that the nodev option is set on ''/tmp'': \\ <Code:bash> # mount | grep /tmp tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime) </Code> \\ **Remediation:** \\ Edit the ''/etc/fstab'' file and add ''nodev'' to the fourth field (mounting options) for the ''/tmp'' partition. See the ''fstab(5)'' manual page for more information. \\ Run the following command to remount ''/tmp'':\\ <Code:bash> # mount -o remount,nodev /tmp </Code> \\ **Notes:** \\ systemd includes the ''tmp.mount'' service which should be used instead of configuring ''/etc/fstab''. Mounting options are configured in the ''Options'' setting in ''/etc/systemd/system/tmp.mount''.