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 +======3.7 Ensure wireless interfaces are disabled (Not Scored)======
 +=====Profile Applicability=====  ​
 +Level 1 - Server
 +Level 2 - Workstation ​
 +Wireless networking is used when wired networks are unavailable. Ubuntu contains a wireless tool kit to allow system administrators to configure and use wireless networks.
 +If wireless is not to be used, wireless devices can be disabled to reduce the potential attack surface.
 +=====Audit===== ​
 +Run the following command to determine wireless interfaces on the system::
 +# iwconfig
 +Run the following command and verify wireless interfaces are active:
 +# ip link show up
 +=====Remediation===== ​
 +Run the following command to disable any wireless interfaces:
 +# ip link set <​interface>​ down
 +Disable any wireless interfaces in your network configuration.
 +=====Impact===== ​
 +Many if not all laptop workstations and some desktop workstations will connect via wireless requiring these interfaces be enabled.