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 +======5.4.3 Ensure default group for the root account is GID 0 (Scored)======
 +=====Profile Applicability=====  ​
 +Level 1 - Server
 +Level 1 - Workstation ​
 +The usermod command can be used to specify which group the root user belongs to. This affects permissions of files that are created by the root user.
 +Using GID 0 for the ''​root''​ account helps prevent root-owned files from accidentally becoming accessible to non-privileged users.
 +=====Audit===== ​
 +Run the following command and verify the result is 0:
 +# grep "​^root:"​ /etc/passwd | cut -f4 -d: 
 +=====Remediation===== ​
 +Run the following command to set the ''​root''​ user default group to GID 0:
 +# usermod -g 0 root