1.1.1 Disable unused filesystems

A number of uncommon filesystem types are supported under Linux. Removing support for unneeded filesystem types reduces the local attack surface of the system. If a filesystem type is not needed it should be disabled. Native Linux file systems are designed to ensure that built-in security controls function as expected. Non-native filesystems can lead to unexpected consequences to both the security and functionality of the system and should be used with caution. Many filesystems are created for niche use cases and are not maintained and supported as the operating systems are updated and patched. Users of non-native filesystems should ensure that there is attention and ongoing support for them, especially in light of frequent operating system changes.

Standard network connectivity and Internet access to cloud storage may make the use of non-standard filesystem formats to directly attach heterogeneous devices much less attractive.

This should not be considered a comprehensive list of filesystems. You may wish to consider additions to those listed here for your environment.

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