Ensure all AppArmor Profiles are enforcing (Scored)

Level 2 - Server 
Level 2 - Workstation

AppArmor profiles define what resources applications are able to access.

Security configuration requirements vary from site to site. Some sites may mandate a policy that is stricter than the default policy, which is perfectly acceptable. This item is intended to ensure that any policies that exist on the system are activated.

Run the following command and verify that profiles are loaded, no profiles are in complain mode, and no processes are unconfined:

# apparmor_status 
apparmor module is loaded. 
17 profiles are loaded. 
17 profiles are in enforce mode. 
0 profiles are in complain mode. 
1 processes have profiles defined. 
1 processes are in enforce mode : 
   /usr/sbin/nscd (3979) 
0 processes are in complain mode. 
0 processes are unconfined but have a profile defined.

Run the following command to set all profiles to enforce mode:

# aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/*

Any unconfined processes may need to have a profile created or activated for them and then be restarted.

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