1.7 Warning Banners

Presenting a warning message prior to the normal user login may assist in the prosecution of trespassers on the computer system. Changing some of these login banners also has the side effect of hiding OS version information and other detailed system information from attackers attempting to target specific exploits at a system.

Guidelines published by the US Department of Defense require that warning messages include at least the name of the organization that owns the system, the fact that the system is subject to monitoring and that such monitoring is in compliance with local statutes, and that use of the system implies consent to such monitoring. It is important that the organization's legal counsel review the content of all messages before any system modifications are made, as these warning messages are inherently site-specific. More information (including citations of relevant case law) can be found at http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/

The text provided in the remediation actions for these items is intended as an example only. Please edit to include the specific text for your organization as approved by your legal department.

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