Ensure chrony is configured (Scored)

Level 1 - Server 
Level 1 - Workstation

chrony is a daemon which implements the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is designed to synchronize system clocks across a variety of systems and use a source that is highly accurate. More information on chrony can be found at http://chrony.tuxfamily.org/. chrony can be configured to be a client and/or a server.

If chrony is in use on the system proper configuration is vital to ensuring time synchronization is working properly.

This recommendation only applies if chrony is in use on the system.

Run the following command and verify remote server is configured properly:

# grep "^server" /etc/chrony/chrony.conf 
server <remote-server>

Multiple servers may be configured.
Run the following command and verify the first field for the chronyd process is _chrony:

# ps -ef | grep chronyd 
_chrony 491 1 0 20:32 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/chronyd

Add or edit server lines to /etc/chrony/chrony.conf as appropriate:

server <remote-server>

Configure chrony to run as the chrony user by configuring the appropriate startup script for your distribution. Startup scripts are typically stored in /etc/init.d or /etc/systemd.

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