1.6.2 Configure AppArmor

AppArmor provides a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) system that greatly augments the default Discretionary Access Control (DAC) model. Under AppArmor MAC rules are applied by file paths instead of by security contexts as in other MAC systems. As such it does not require support in the filesystem and can be applied to network mounted filesystems for example. AppArmor security policies define what system resources applications can access and what privileges they can do so with. This automatically limits the damage that the software can do to files accessible by the calling user. The user does not need to take any action to gain this benefit. For an action to occur, both the traditional DAC permissions must be satisfied as well as the AppArmor MAC rules. The action will not be allowed if either one of these models does not permit the action. In this way, AppArmor rules can only make a system's permissions more restrictive and secure.

This section only applies if AppArmor is in use on the system. Recommendations for SELinux are also included, and additional Mandatory Access Control systems exist beyond these two.

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